is an online platform for seekers of third language who find it tough to make it without proper English. And why would they? English has become an indispensable part of our society and corporate world whether you choose to live in India or abroad. We, at WMS Spoken English Classes ensure that your weak command over the language doesn’t become a hindrance in the path of your growth and success.

wizmantra online english speaking classesWith dedicated instructors, you not only shed your inhibitions and embarrassment during conversations but also come out as a strong and confident person, ready to face the challenges of the world without fear. Our analysts and instructors will rate your level of English and suggest the suitable course and focus on your weak areas to help you emerge as an independent person who not only feels positive during discussions and conversations but also crack all tests and jobs by acquiring strong interview skills.

WMS Spoken English Classes are not only designed for job aspirants, but also for students who want to study abroad and need to clear ESL exams, housewives who feel less confident in social gatherings, salesmen who need to improve their marketing skills and businessmen who want to talk more convincing. Our customized packages will help you improve on the weedy spots and strengthen your core competencies.

We have designed our courses with various levels to develop your listening, improve your speaking, increase your understanding, perfect your pronunciation and broader your vocabulary to impart confidence to overcome the fears of public speaking, perfecting you for all interviews, conversation activities like debates, extempore and group discussions.

The practice modules and virtual classrooms give you the freedom to join this movement with topographic flexibility and convenience. Making use of advanced technology and innovative learning techniques, these courses are designed for high efficiency and quick improvement.

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