IELETS is the English language testing system which tests English proficiency across the globe. It is the most widely conducted English Proficiency test across the globe. The score of this test is accepted by wide number of departments across the world.

The test is conducted in two different versions – – Academic and General Training. The Academic version is for those students who want to study at the tertiary level in the English speaking country and general training is for those who want to have work experience or training program. The exam has four parts – speaking, reading, listening and writing. Apart from speaking all the parts are conducted in one go.

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IELET course designed by Wizmantra provides an intensive training to the candidates in all the four areas of the language – Listening, speaking, reading and writing. It provides such a planned approach that the candidate can look forward to achieve the desired results in the exam. It makes use of videos, test samples and quizzes to understand the format of tests and help in getting the best test score.

With a dedicated and experienced trainer and well designed curriculum, helps in achieving the desired results within the defined time.

Wizmantra has various features in the pre-designed course that offers intensive opportunity to the students to grasp the concepts and polish their respective weak areas. It stresses on:

1. Studying the test format carefully to understand what is expected from you in the tests.
2. Concentrating on all the parts not giving undue weight age to any particular part.
3. Practicing various test papers within the stipulated time period.
4. Reviewing the test papers and concentrating on the weak areas thereby working on improving them.
5. Daily practicing the word list thereby building on the strong vocabulary.

The highlighting features of Wizmantra IELTS programme are as under:

1. Excellent study material prepared by the experts in the field.
2. Experienced trainers providing one to one personalized training sessions.
3. On-line and telephonic sessions help in saving time and cost of the students.
4. The flexibility of classes creates more interest of the student in the sessions.
5. Online study material for all students.
6. Regular performance assessment, feedbacks and reviews.
7. Choice of taking coaching for individual modules.
8. Remarkable improvements guaranteed.
9. The students have opportunity of choosing the trainer and the time according to one’s convenience.
10. Fast track programs also available.
11. The program not only prepares the student academically but also works on increasing the confidence that helps in overcoming the pressure of new environment.
12. Complete information and details are provided by the counselors so that the student can choose the best for themselves.
13. Personalized assistance and one to one doubt clearing sessions help in polishing the weak areas of the students.
14. The programs are modulated according to the individual personal requirements, so this flexibility ensures that no student loose out in the race and competition.
15. The regular tests and evaluation ensures that the student and trainer remain in touch with the progress of the student.
16. These on-line sessions ensure that the sessions can be recorded and can be used for future back-up.

Thus, Wizmantra after its success in English speaking courses has designed a wonderful, elaborate and dynamic program to ensure the higher success rate in the world’s highly rated IELTS exam.

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