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Velachari is located in the Southern part of Chennai and is a primarily residential area. The city is growing at an exponential rate and is fast becoming an education and commercial hub for the southern state. Velachari has a long and winding history and its roots can be traced back to even the 9th century when the city was nothing but a humble village. However, Velachari has come a long way since then and has gone on to become of the most sought-after residential neighborhoods in Chennai. The city is well connected by airway and roads and is peppered with numerous educational institutes. Locate English Speaking Classes near me

English speaking institute chennai

VETA Asia’s Largest English Training Institute At Velachery

VETA specializes in the core English Language Training of its clients and has come with various innovative training methods to provide the optimum services to the clients. With over thirty years of experience, VETA has found the golden formula that leads to its success as well as of its clients. With over 120 satisfied clients, the institute sticks to the methodology that yields positive results on a consistent basis but at the same time keeps on adding changes to account for the evolving needs.


Spoken English Classes

Spoken English Classes has satisfactorily catered to over 2000 students and helped them reach the pinnacle of their career goals. The experts here understand that language is an important tool for conversation and thereby formats its courses in a way to target the language usage skills of the clients and try to enhance it by using several methodologies like interactional classes and multimedia tools.

Address: 37F, Velachery – Tambaram Main Rd, Near Grand Mall, V.O.C Nagar, Doctor Seetaram Nagar, Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600042

MNA Spoken English Centre

MNA Spoken English Centre’s courses encompass all aspects be it teaching writing in English with a flair of language or helping the clients speak confidently in correct English. Special attention is given to the pronunciation aspect where the students are taught about phonetics and grammar rules. Listening classes are the key aspect of the courses where it is believed one can only achieve the fluency by being surrounded by the language. Hence, the focus is given on listening to songs and speeches while shedding some light on the usage of words and their meaning.

Address: 868, L.I.G – 2, 4th Avenue, T.N.H.B Velachery Checkpost, Tamil Nadu 600042

Deepam Spoken English Training Centre

An excellent place to learn English and enhance the skills, the experts at Deepam Spoken English Training Centre helps the students to perfect their English skills and achieve success in their careers. The courses are divided into beginner’s and advanced levels to accommodate the various expertise levels of the learners. Special attention is given to spoken English and the correct usage of words while speaking and writing in English.

Address: No. 30/12, Throwpathy Amman Koil, 2nd Street, TN Police Housing Colony, Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600042


With years of experience under its belt and a batch of skillful clients, Sevenglish caters to its long list of clientele and help them to improve the English skills. Equal attention is given to spoken and written English. While some classes focus on building a strong base with grammar rules, others focus on the right usage of words in comprehensions and speeches. The learners are encouraged to interact with each other in English and give presentations.

Address: No. 305, Velachery Main Road, Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600042

Lets Talk

Lets Talk has successfully catered to more than 750 clients and helped them perfect their spoken and written English. The clients come from every profession such as doctors, engineers, and advocates looking forward to enhancing their communication abilities to shine brighter at their respective fields. Written material is provided to the clients that are helpful and informative and help them to gain knowledge in their own convenient time. The courses are divided into –beginner, intermediate and advanced classes.

Address: 13, Dhandeeswaram Colony Throupathy, Amman Koil St, Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600042

Flc Translator Foreign Language Training Institute

Flc Translator Foreign Language Training Institute helps the students, both new and experienced to learn the nuances of the English language and help them speak with confidence. While some students are completely new and need to be taught from the get-go, others are proficient in it and are looking for enhancing their already developed skills. The courses are flexible and accommodating of the needs and experience levels of the clients.

Address: 63C, Radhakrishnan Street, Sankaran Avenue, Velachery Bypass Rd, Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600042


SPOKEN ENGLISH INSTITUTE employs a batch of professional teachers who are competent in their jobs and enthusiastic about imparting knowledge to the eager learners. Each of the teachers has more than two decades of experience under their belts and understand the diverse needs of the students. The courses focus on enhancing the communication skills of the students who come from all walks of life. The institution has successfully helped many individuals secure successful jobs.

Address: #5, 11th Main Rd, Vijaya Nagar, Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600042

Muthukumar Rajan

With the help of several rounds of interactional courses, Muthukumar Rajan’s Spoken English Teaching Center tried to do away with the hesitation that often lingers in people’s minds while trying to help them speak more confidently and correctly. This is geared towards enabling the clients to ace more job interviews and achieve success and fame in their corporate life. The clients come with all levels of experience and with unique needs that are catered to with brilliance.

Address: 1, 4th Cross Street, Astalakshmi Nagar, Jagannatha Puram, Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600042

FITA Velachery

With serving over 10,000 students, FITA Velachery has established itself as one of the most efficient Spoken English training centers in the area. Primarily a placement center, the experts chisel the qualities present in the clients and make them more suitable in cracking important job interviews. The courses focus on wholesome personality development besides communication skills and help them become the “perfect candidate” that every company is looking for.

Address: Anandha Bhavan, 37F, Velachery Main Rd, Next to Adyar, Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600042

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