Gurgaon is one of the best cities in North India and it is located in the NCR region of the country. This city is also popular as one of the top IT hubs in the country. Because of a large number of IT companies and other industries, it is known as Millennium city and Cyber City in India. At the present time, it is known as Gurugram that has a combination of two words Guru and Gram. It is believed that Guru Dronacharya lived at this place at the time of Mahabharata and he trained Pandavas with archery is one of the well-structured and well-connected cities in North India where it is attached with Delhi and Faridabad with its borders.

Gurgaon is one of the most ravishing and luxurious cities of Indian state of Haryana, which is now a global industry city. Gurgaon is widely known as the “Cyber city” of India because it is highly developed and matches some international standards. The western culture and awesome technology based areas makes Gurgaon much important for investors and businessman. Currently the name of Gurgaon has been changed into the Gurugram. This city directly connects you with Delhi NCR, UP and other states.

This city is known to have a third highest capital income after Mumbai and Chandigarh in the country. It is famous for its Lifestyle where people can easily find the facilities of better education, Medical Services, shopping, entertainment, nightlife and fine dining. There are lots of Mega shopping malls available in this metro city of NCR region. It also has some of the finest restaurants where people can visit to spend quality time with family.

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