How to improve your English Communication in 10 way?

10 ways to improve your spoken english“Words and words are all I have… – Boyzone”

The mode of communication between people is the various languages we come across. To properly communicate your message to the other one to understand you require proper words.

It’s possible that you may have memorized words and phrases, developed a good vocabulary for a proper conversation but nothing strikes up when you are actually having a talk.

According to Ethnologue – Languages of the World, English language ranks third in the list of World’s Top 20 languages in 2017 only by calculating the native English speakers. Moreover, if the people using English aslingua franca was calculated, it would cross its third rank easily.

This sums up the importance of learning and implementing proper and correct English while having a conversation.
Whether your communication involves your esteemed clients or your potential consumers, proper communication will help you achieve your language and professional goals.

Your fluency and your vocabulary overalls determine your success rates in business-related work or some charity event you are planning to head.

As it is rightly said, ‘there is always room for improvement – Shannon Fritcher.’

Let’s peek into some of the tips on improving your English Communication which can be easily worked upon by you at any given time at your own pace.

1. Talk to yourself
Start having a conversation with yourself. Talk about the little things that happened to you in the entire day and watch where you are heading while speaking English.

Record your voice in any voice recorder, check for your accent, your vocabulary, and your pronunciations and correct yourself where you feel the need to.

Also, you can start reading out the news loud but slowly by understanding the words used in it and focusing on the stressed sounds. It will eventually speedup you’re reading skills making you feel confident about it.

2. Take Notes
Jot down every unique or fresh word you come across in your daily routine. Have a dictionary, search for the meaning and prepare your own vocabulary book with all the words you’re aware of.

Make sure to add few every week for the extension of the book along with your vocabulary.

3. Surround yourself with Brilliant English Speakers
Join groups of like-minded people having sound knowledge of the field you love and having their entire talk in English. This would serve two purposes- you’ll learn new things about your domain and at the same time, you’ll be learning how to talk smoothly in English.

Join forums online, read blogs of famous speakers, watch TED, TEDx videos and empower your English communication skills. And Enroll WizMantra for English Speaking Classes.

4. Don’t hesitate
Drop down all your shyness in the box beside you. Stand up straight and speak all you wish the other person to know. Get yourself known in the crowd.

Even if you feel hesitant, breathe out and exhale all your fears of speaking and start conversing like your life depended on it. You’ll come out of it strong.

5. Start writing a blog
Share your knowledge about anything you love across the world through a blog in English. If you like drawing, then post your sketches, write something along and post it on various blog platforms.

You’ll be learning new things, new words while writing about the things you love. You’ll have a web-existence, bloggers from all across the globe helping you to be better in your field.

6. Teach English to your younger siblings
The easiest way to improve your English Communication would be tutoring whatever knowledge you have about English language to your younger siblings or anyone who wants to learn this language.

This would make you confident about the language you’re speaking and meanwhile, you’ll educate someone along with you.

7. Talk slowly and watch what you’re talking
While having a talk with anyone, you should try to talk slowly, grasping at the words you’re using, the accent you are conversing in. You should try thinking in English and replying in the same language.

This process while help you use every new word or phrase you learn, correct your grammar tenses and proving you to be a good communicator.

8. Hire a personal tutor
The best way to learn and improve English Communication is having a personal trainer at your aid. The methods, techniques of speaking fluent English are the caliber of an English tutor.

Getting direct training from the tutor would help you shape your personality and the way you talk. Ace trainers make sure you learn but put it into practice more. They make the ends meet, let out the inner genius in you.

Meet some of the excellent and qualified teachers from across India, at your service in WizMantra. Highly experienced trainers with the best resources at your home through various online applications will strengthen your English base. Vocabulary Building, Word Power, Conversations, Communication Skills are taught in the simplest ways for even the beginners to understand.

9. Read books
Read whatever books you come across. Try to interpret the meaning of the book and what the author wishes to convey through his writings.

Imagine yourself in those places where the writer takes you and live in the characters of the books, recite those dialogues along with them with the same feel as the writer has put in it. This activity will make learning and improving your English communication an amazing experience.

10. Call a customer care executive
This is a fun and learning activity. Call any random customer care executive and speak with him/her in English. Try to understand his words, his accent and revert him back in the same tone.

This would solve your purpose of a communication partner and in turn, you would get a practice session in the real-life scenario. Speaking and giving replies within a fraction of seconds would boost up your adrenaline rush.

Speaking English would require strenuous and continuous efforts, strong will-power to work even when faced with obstacles and the passion to communicate smoothly without any language-blocks.

Choose your preferred method out of these little tips and tricks, expand your vocabulary, correct your grammar, and learn modern English. Practicing daily is the key to a fluent communication system.

“Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong – Anonymous”

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