A language is a tool developed by man to make communication easy. English is a universally accepted language and hence having good English skills becomes an essential tool in your hands for a successful communication. Whether at work or our interpersonal relationships, knowing English as a language today is not an option since we are surrounded by the language all around us. Not being able to converse in good English can often become a huge handicap for people which reflects in their confidence levels.

spoken english tipsHaving said this, it is also important to know that English is a fairly easy language to learn and hence irrespective of age or education levels, one can acquire expertise in the language by following simple rules and with the right inclination to learn. If you are wondering where to start or how to learn English in a stipulated time frame, then here is a little guide for you to abide by:

• Increase your awareness to the language: In a country like India, English has almost become our first language. Whether one likes it or not, the language is all around us and hence to begin your learning, be aware of the correct usage in your day to day life. When you hear people talking, consciously make a note in mind about the accent and the choice of words spoken by them. As you increase your liking towards the language, you will pick up the words and their right pronunciations automatically by simply hearing and registering them in your mind.

• Take professional help: Whether you are young or old, do not shy away from taking professional classes or courses that offer help in English speaking. These classes use tools and techniques to make the learning of the language easy and fun for you. Not only are you taught the basics but also the key fundamentals of grammar, usage, and pronunciations are taught in these professional classes. The repeated teaching method used in these classes helps in easy registering of the language and faster gripping of the subject making you fluent in less than no time.

• Follow the Sequence: To learn any language, there are certain stages involved like listening, speaking and reading. This sequence applies to English as a language too. Just like a baby learns a particular language by listening to adults talking, then speaking and finally reading; the same way English should also be learnt by listening, trying to speak and then finally reading and writing. As an adult, we tend to become impatient while trying to learn something new; however, language is something that should be learnt in the same order as a child, to get the fundamentals right and the basics clear.

• Practice what you learn: You cannot become a master of any language in one day. It is the practice that makes a man perfect. Even when trying to learn English, it is okay to make mistakes in order to learn something forever. Whatever you learn in a day, should be practiced and applied so as to remember and use when required. Do not shy away from conversing with others in English while you are learning the language. It is okay to make mistakes, especially grammatical mistakes. It is more important that you know what are the words to be applied where. Once the base of the language is strong, the finesse comes slowly and automatically.

• Do not translate: The language in which we think is known as our first language, and it becomes the language in which we are most effectively able to communicate. If you think in Hindi and translate in English, then the choice of words and order may become incorrect. Translating from your mother tongue to English also slows you down when communicating with the person before you. Instead, start thinking in English by thinking of the words that best fit what you want to communicate. This is what brings about the fluency in your speech and makes the language automatic rather than thought and attempted.

• Invest in the right training: While this may seem difficult, it is an extremely important step when choosing a language training institute. It may help you to get references from your friends on joining the right English training institute so that you learn the right language skills. Always remember if you learn something incorrectly, you are likely to remember the incorrect language forever. Hence, the right and reliable training that gives you holistic learning and understanding of the language is very crucial when it comes to learning English.

• Immerse Yourself in the Language: Being able to speak in a particular language doesn’t make you more or less smart. To speak in any particular language doesn’t take any rocket science and it is hence important for you to have the confidence that you can learn and will be able to converse in English. With dedication and constant learning, English as a language is easy to grasp and pick up.

While the above rules apply to learning any language, English is no exception. Follow the above techniques and with the right coach learn to master English in no time.

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