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Interview preparation Classes

This course is specially designed for the trainees who are new to the corporate world or are in the process of appearing for the interviews.

This course prepares the trainees from various aspects ranging from clear pronunciation, to enhanced vocabulary to right presentation style to impressive accent.

Hence, it brings about overall development in the speaking skills of the individual.
The course includes talking about the current affairs and work on to help the trainees form an opinion about the various lines or topics. The trainer also holds certain dummy interview sessions and help the student develop an idea about how to handle a series of questions while appearing in the interview. The trainer also works on the shortcomings in the grammatical parts of speech that help in polishing the language.

The trainer also provides an overview about how to handle the case studies, role plays, situational analysis during the interview. A lot of efforts are involved in removing the hesitation while confronting the panel and developing the proficiency and boldness in the speech.

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Interview Preparation Courses

Interview creates fear in our minds, as the result of it decides our future. The interview is usually the last step of any hiring process, but it is the most important one. During an interview, the interviewer’s goal is to gather the information about you that is not written in your resume. ‘Interview’ literally means to ‘see each other’. It means that it is a process where two or more than two persons meet to know about each other.

Have you ever imagined when your house was built? If you think it was during construction, then you might not have heard about the art of preparation. Preparation is the most important asset involved with any process. The more you prepare the more perfect you become. Before your interviews also, you have to prepare immensely. As soon as you start conversing in an interview, the interviewer will understand whether you have done your homework or not. These classes at WizMantra are to prepare you for any type of interview. The proper guidance is necessary for going through important stages of your life, and these classes and our trainers will act as a guide for you to pass the interview process.

What are the benefits of our Interview Preparation Classes?

  • Know Countless Interview Questions – Our trainers have years of experience behind them during which they have encountered multiple situations. They know what questions are asked in interviews and how the interviewer can counter question on your answers. So by the end of this course, you will be able to get the idea of countless questions asked during interviews.
  • Know Your Positives and Negatives – Getting the precise and correct feedback is the most important thing that you require while learning something new. We have such trained professionals who will tell you your positives and negatives after each interactive session. This feedback will help you to learn from your mistakes and build on them. Our teachers will also help you with the solutions to resolve the negatives you possess.
  • Remove Fear – Most of us have a lot of fear related to interview situations. Our feet start trembling and mind stops working when we encounter such situations. It is all about what goes in our mind. This can be due to the lack of preparation. Our trainers are well aware of the causes of such fear. All this fear will surely be removed by the end of this course as you will become knowledgeable enough that you can easily tackle such situations.
  • Boost Confidence – Confidence is one of the most important things that you need while going for an interview. It comes with a lot of practice and perfection. Our mock interviews, practice questions and interactive sessions will develop the required confidence in you. It will not only help you in your interviews but will also play an important part in your life as it is one of the most attractive qualities one can have.
  • Become Interview Ready – An interview has a lot of aspects related to it. It is not just about going and answering questions, as sometimes people with a large amount of technical knowledge also fail interviews. Our classes are a complete package to make you interview ready in each and every aspect. Be it a telephonic interview, skype interview or a face to face one, we will guide you for all of them and will tell you the technicalities related to each one of them.

What does Interview Preparation course include?

  • Improving Communication Skills – Communication skills play a major role in each and every aspect of your life. It’s not always about communicating well; it is also about communicating the right words at the right time. Our classes will help you improve your grammar as well as use of tenses by a large extent. We will teach you to communicate effectively, especially in front of the interviewers. Such good communication skills will surely lead you to great success in future.
  • Learning Body Gestures – Body gestures always define the way your mind or your body is feeling. All the interviewers are so much experienced that they can understand the state of your mind by looking at your body gestures. Our trainers will train you to keep the body gestures in the best possible way. We will make you understand the meanings of different body movements and will train you to keep your body in control of your mind.
  • Problem Solving Skills – Most of the interviews will require you to be at your toes to resolve difficult series of questions related to your personal or professional life. You always need to be prepared with the answers but you also need to have the right mindset to confront such circumstances. You need to have extraordinary problem solving skills to come good out of such situations. We will prepare you well for such circumstances and will develop the problem solving skills in you.
  • Tackling Situations – In any interview, you will face questions in which you will be a part of some difficult situation. Such questions test your abilities and check how your mind works while being a part of challenging surroundings. Our training will make you aware of most of those questions and our trainers will assess your qualities to provide you the best answers to such questions.
  • Enhancing Vocabulary – Vocabulary plays a major role in your communication and by increasing your vocabulary, you can easily and fluently communicate with others. Better vocabulary will enable you to communicate your ideas more effectively and it will become much easier for you to read any type of content. We conduct sessions to increase your vocabulary and these sessions will help you a lot in your interviews.
  • Mock Interviews – Our trainers arrange special mock interviews for you to understand and feel the pressure of interviews. They will check how you react in real situations and will assess your weaknesses and negatives. Our trainers conduct these mock interviews to test your capabilities and check whether you can implement all that has been taught to you. These mock interviews will help you to get the much needed experience of the interview situation.
  • Current Affairs – This course will inform you about all the current affairs as current affairs are an integral part of most of the interviews, especially for students who are preparing for exams. We will talk about most of the current affairs and will inform you about all the sides related to most of them. It is very important to know your opinion on most of the situations, and we will help you to develop your opinion about various important topics.

Who all can join Interview Preparation classes?

  • Students or trainees who are looking to kick start their professional career should enroll for these classes as such individuals will need to face quite a lot of interviews to get into the best companies or to get the best career options. You always need to be confident and ready for such interviews and our classes will help you to do that.
  • Individuals who are currently working and have a prior work experience but want to take a move on to explore new opportunities will have to pass a few interviews to do that. Our trainers are very much aware of such interview processes and will help you with the techniques needed to clear such interviews.
  • Students or professionals who are preparing for higher studies like MBA etc. can enroll for our classes as such higher studies examinations involve thorough interview processes. These interviews need you to be very sharp with the communication skills, current affairs etc. Our classes will refine all such skills and will make you ready to face such interviews.
  • All aspirants who are preparing for government exams should surely think about taking our classes as getting rejected at just the last stage does not feel good at all. Most government exams have their last stage as a one on one interview and our classes will make sure that that you pass that stage with a lot of ease.

Finally, preparation is the best way to combat the ‘interview nerves’ and the key to a successful interview. Through good preparation, you will feel more confident and will be ready to give your best. Everybody needs help at times, and there is no shame in taking help to get the desired results. Even the best football and cricket players need coaches to take them to the next level.

If you go for the right coaches, they will surely help you a lot to get the right results. Our training sessions have a lot of experienced trainers who have seen interview situations throughout their life. To learn from such experienced people will help you to take a lot of inputs and deliver them at the right time and the right place.

So, if you really think about clearing your extremely important interviews at one go, and think about impressing the interviewer with your knowledge, preparation and qualities; then join our classes and be ready for any type of interview at any point of time.

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