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Dadar is a prominent shopping hub in Mumbai’s focal region and a noteworthy travel center that is well-connected locally as well as on a national level. It is a densely crowded residential area that is beating with an eclectic Marathi culture. Mumbai Suburban Railway’s system separates the zone into two major territories ‘Dadar East’ and ‘Dadar West’. Both these regions are completely swarmed with tourists and locals throughout the day, especially during the times of any major festivals such as the Ganesh Festival or Deepavali. The regions are famous for numerous old neighborhoods, for example, Chawls, as well as small food joints serving exquisite local cuisine that help to reminisce about early days of Old Mumbai or ‘Bombay’. Locate English Speaking Classes near me

Speaking English Institute in Mumbai

BM English Speaking Institute Pvt. Ltd.

With the integrative goal of educating more than 1 crore of Indian youths to successfully advance in the professional career and well as a march towards a holistic personality development, BM English Speaking Institute Pvt. Ltd. Offers classes focused on both developing the English communication skills with special attention towards achieving fluency as well as an overall character development.

The courses offered are structured throughout the year with regular evaluations to test the development of the clients. The individuals opting for the course at BM English Speaking Institute Pvt. Ltd. are presented with a certificate, a testament to their evolution throughout the course.

Address: 22, 2nd Floor, Bismillah Building, Opp Suvidha, Ranade Road, Dadar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400028

Kanaz English Speaking and Personality Class

Founded in 1993, Kanaz English Speaking and Personality Class endeavors at making English a language accessible to individuals of all strata of the society and from all walks of life. The institution caters to all individuals ranging from professionals and businessmen to stay at home parents to students looking forward to sharpening their language skills.

Regardless of its humble beginnings, Kanaz English Speaking and Personality Class have reserved for itself the moniker of being one of the best English speaking institutions with immense dedication and the quality of service rendered. The institution has catered to over 50,000 successful clients who have gone on to achieve marvels in their respective fields.

Address: 666, New Orient House, Parsee Colony, Dadar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400014

WM English Speaking Classes

The experts at WM English Speaking Classes understand the importance attached to having fluency in English in today’s corporate market and likewise designs its courses to provide the optimum benefits to its clients and help them through integrative courses that not only focus on fluency in communication but also an overall personality development.

Besides providing the clients with enriching study material, the experts work cohesively with the clients to develop the optimum everyday schedule that can help advance the English knowledge of the client.

Address: Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar Rd, Hindmata, Radhika Saikripa Co-op Society, Dadar East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400014

Revolution Classes

Founded in 2013, Revolution Classes has amassed immense popularity as a prominent English speaking Institution in Western Dadar in the short span of five years. The experts behind the idea of the institution work extensively to make the course all-inclusive and address the varied needs of their client base. With competent teachers who have years of experience under their belt, they are more than capable of directing the students on the right path and contribute to their overall development.

Address: 6 Sita Smruti Co-Operative Housing Society, R K Vaidya Road, Dadar West, Mumbai – 400028, Near Plaza Cinema

Speakwell Skills Academy

Geared towards developing Spoken as well as written English skills in the clients, Speakwell Skills Academy provided the optimum training courses to make sure that the individuals are competent at fluently expressing their thoughts in English. The course is well-suited for professional individuals who are preparing for an exam where English is a key skill requirement as well as foreign students who are looking forward to learning the language for the ease of communications. The courses are well-structured and evenly spread for the student to catch up and regular evaluations are scheduled to test the advancement.

Address: No. 2, 1st Floor, Dadar East, Mumbai – 400014Landmark: NEAR  Central Plaza Cinema

The Orators Spoken English & Public Speaking Classes

The Orators Spoken English & Public Speaking Classes in Mumbai was founded in 2015 and since then it has reserved its status as one of the top ten English speaking institutions in Dadar and amassed quite a fame among the people. The repute can be credited to the premium quality of service provided to the client base as well as impeccable training classes that have contributed to the success of the clients in their career fields. The Orators Spoken English & Public Speaking Classes have a distinctive goal of educating the Indian youth mass and ushering the country towards a better and a brighter future.

Address: Anuyog School, Adarsh Lane, Khar East, Mumbai – 400051, Near The Station


Assuring only the most top-notch quality of education, ENGLISHNOW focuses on a holistic development of its students and by following an international curriculum, the clients get the opportunity to be certified by a reputed international institution. The study material includes the Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS coupled with an audio-visual guide for better and easier grasp over the subject matter. There are also regular evaluation tests involved which keep a tab of the progress of the client. The audio-visual kit provided also aid in advancement in listening, reading and comprehension skills.

Address: Saraswati Mahal Building, Ranade Road & Gokhale Road Junction 3rd Floor, No 2, Dadar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400028

Let’s Talk English Institute

Founded in 2005, Let’s Talk English Institute has been endeavoring to help people enhance their spoken English skills since their inception. Besides aiding the clients in speaking fluently in English, the experts in this esteemed institution have constructed the courses in a way that it can also contribute to overall personality development and enable the client to communicate their thought with more ease and confidence. The classes are interactive and make use of various multimedia tools to make the lessons fun and easier to understand.

Address: Room No.15, 1st Floor, Bismillah Building, Station Road, Opp. Suvidha Store, Next to Pinge’s Classes, Dadar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400028

Tendulkar’s Academy spoken English soft skills training

Tendulkar’s Academy spoken English soft skills training is a spoken English institution in Dadar that provides integrative learning courses to its clients that not only focus on improving their spoken English skills but are also geared to towards developing the clients personality and enable him to carry himself more confidently that would leave a positive impact in corporate settings. The courses focus on group discussion and presentation skills, grammar and vocabulary and other soft skills that would help the clients climb the success ladder.

Address: Tendulkar’s Academy, Bhiku Niwas, Shop No.6, Ground Floor, Bldg No.161, L. J. Road, Opp. Shobha Hotel, Adjacent to Petrol Pump, City Light, 400016, Mahim, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400016

iPromise English Academy

Taking complete advantage of the benefits provided by modern technologies, iPromise English Academy offers courses that can be easily accessed on any mobile device connected to the internet. This provides the clients with the unique opportunity to improve their English skills right in the comfort of their homes. The timings of the classes are flexible and can be adjusted according to the availability of the clients. With more than 3000 happy customers, iPromise English Academy is determined to make a name for itself as a top-notch spoken English institution in the country.

Address: 11, 1st Floor, Bismillah Building, Infront of Suvidha Showroom, Opp Railway Station, Dadar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400028

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