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Interview preparations

This course is specially designed for the trainees who are new to the corporate world or are in the process of appearing for the interviews.

This course prepares the trainees from various aspects ranging from clear pronunciation, to enhanced vocabulary to right presentation style to impressive accent.

Hence, it brings about overall development in the speaking skills of the individual.
The course includes talking about the current affairs and work on to help the trainees form an opinion about the various lines or topics. The trainer also holds certain dummy interview sessions and help the student develop an idea about how to handle a series of questions while appearing in the interview. The trainer also works on the shortcomings in the grammatical parts of speech that help in polishing the language.

The trainer also provides an overview about how to handle the case studies, role plays, situational analysis during the interview.

A lot of efforts are involved in removing the hesitation while confronting the panel and developing the proficiency and boldness in the speech.

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