advance english speaking classes

Advance English Spoken Classes

Take a step to stay ahead by learning basic English Speaking skills
Advance English Spoken Classes are specially designed for those individuals who want to learn higher level of English conversation spoken skills. These are suitable for the trainees who have good grammatical base but wants to polish their speaking skills to emerge as a public speaking figure.

This course works on the advanced vocabulary of the trainees, the speaking style, accent of the language and improves upon the presentation skills of the trainees.

It includes making trainees aware of the role plays being initiated at the corporate levels. Various role plays covering the corporate levels situations are enacted jointly by the trainer and the trainee that makes the trainee aware of the ways to handle the conversations at the corporate levels.

It also covers usage of various advanced vocabulary and their usage in the daily conversation. The trainer also includes various idioms and phrases used in the daily conversation.

The course also included discussion on various current affairs. This exercise helps in improving the trainees analytical bent of mind and the ways he present his views on any topic or statement.

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Advanced English Spoken Classes

Globalization has indeed set an exceptional status for the English language on a global front. However, it is unfortunate that since it is not a primary language in every country, not many people are fluent in it. It goes without saying that to communicate efficiently, you need to speak clearly. However, even after having a strong hold on written English, people, especially from the non-native English speaking countries tend to lose confidence when it comes to speaking.

Now, the times are changing, the world is becoming more and more connected, and therefore English is emerging as the global language of communication. Hence, learning to communicate fluently is becoming important to be at the top of your game! It wasn’t the same before 20-30 years and hence, many of us while growing up never realised the importance of English. Hence, sometimes, people coming from the small towns are equipped with the knowledge, but lack of communication skills. How-much-so-ever they try, there is always a certain kind of reluctance when it comes to addressing a meeting. Has this happened to you too!? Well, in that case, the Advance English Spoken Course launched by WM Spoken is a boon for you!

Advance English Spoken Classes at WM Spoken are specifically designed for these people who have a strong grammar base and want to enhance their spoken English further. People who are ambitious cannot overlook their incapability of not being able to put across their thoughts fluently. This course will be a great step-up in the careers of such people.

So, if you’re someone searching for such a course that is tailor-made for you, you have come to the right place! This course will completely transform your personality thereby allowing you to take the plunge you’ve been waiting for since long!

Who can be benefited from the Advance Spoken course?

  • The non-native speakers who have clients from the English speaking countries can enrol themselves in this course to enhance their communication skills.
  • Lifestyle trainers who want to emerge as a public speaker can also enrol themselves in this course.
  • The people who want to expand their business overseas and want to present their product in front of the board members who’re native English speakers.
  • English teachers who want to get into personality development training or spoken English trainers can also get themselves enrolled in the Advance English Spoken Classes.

What does the Advance Spoken course include?

Before enrolling in the course, you must know the course inclusions to assess the importance of the course in your career path. Here is a glimpse of what our course will include:

  • Know the words along with the usage: Simply cramming the words along with their meanings will be of no use until you know it’s proper usage. For example, ten different words imply happiness; such words are called synonyms of each other. But, not always a word can be replaced with another word. It depends on the usage of the particular word. The Advance English Spoken Course works explicitly on improving the vocabulary along with their usage.
  • Tone and Accent: The tonality of the voice and accent also holds a prominent place when it comes to public speaking. Our course enhances the speaking style and articulation of the language thereby enhancing the overall presentation skills.
  • The Common Phrases and Sayings: Often, you’ve heard the public speakers using inticing language by incorporating phrases and sayings in their normal conversations. Our course curriculum also covers the use of such common phrases and idioms and phrases that can make any public speech more influential
  • Presentation Skills: Even after being equally skilled and sometimes better than your peers, often you end up losing the most important presentations to them because they have the skills that you don’t! Is this your story too? Well, let’s face it, an articulative and comprehensive presentation is a big turn-on for any member of the board. Hence, if you’re articulate while presenting anything, the chances of your selection will be very bright. Our course helps in improving the presentation skills of the trainee.
  • Discussion on Current Affairs: Has it ever happened to you that you have nothing to add when your peers are discussing the current topics? I’m sure most of you have faced it at least once in your life! To improve it, our course also includes discussion on various aspects current affairs. This exercise helps in improving the trainees analytical bent of mind and will teach you different ways to put across your views on any topic or statement.
  • Discussing the Real Life Situations: Dealing with the real-life situations is something that no one has ever tried to learn as a skill. It has long been taken for granted, but effectively dealing with the crisis becomes very easy if you’ve good communication skills. Hence, our trainers also discuss some case studies and try to evaluate how the trainees see a real-life situation and place his judgment before the others. The course will help in the overall personality enhancement along with teaching the nuances of spoken English.

What are the benefits Advance Spoken English of the course?

  • Improved Vocabulary: Since our course focuses on improving the vocabulary along with its usage, at the end of the course, you’ll have an improved vocabulary. You’ll be versed with the new words which you’ll be able to use in your normal conversation to make it more efficient.
  • Pronunciation Skills: Pronunciation skills play a great role while addressing a crowd. Often, people get trolled and bullied for having a certain accent and pronunciation. But equipping yourself with skill through a course before addressing such a crowd can save you from this embarrassment.
  • Get acquainted with the familiar sayings or expressions: Using idioms and phrases while addressing a meeting or a public gathering can get you good applause! This course prepares you to get many such applause.
  • Improve Writing Skills: The Advance English Spoken Classes will not only improve your spoken ability, but it will also enhance your writing skills. An enriched vocabulary will enable you to write effective emails, business proposals, a minute of the meetings, drafts.
  • Increase in Confidence Level: Finally, confidence! Confidence is the best accessory for a professional. This course will help you get that with the fluent uninterrupted English.

Thus, all-in-all the Advance English Spoken Classes will be a complete package for a novice speaker who wants to polish his spoken English skills to become more effective and crowd-pleasing. Choose WM Spoken as your guide to ace all the presentations and meetings and to stand out of the crowd!

The trainers also sometimes discuss some case studies and try to evaluate how the trainees see a real life situation and place his judgment before the others.

Thus these various exercises actually help in creating good public speakers with good conversation and presentation styles.

We have designed this module for English learners who have good hold on Grammar and who can expresses their basis skills in English. Objective behind course is to take novice speaker to a profound level of communicator.

Reasons to Enroll for our Advance Level of English Communication

Who Want to transform themselves into effective communicator
Who want to grow their effective presentation skills
Who want to Learn advanced workplace vocabulary
Who want to be a successful writer

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