English speaking has become the need of hour. Everyone whether a housewife, a professional, a businessman, a student wants to be well versed with the language to get an edge in this competitive world. So everyone is trying hands on different courses and institutes to achieve the desired fluency in the language.
But as it is rightly said, first lessons of a language start at the home so that holds true for the English language too. English speaking can be mastered within the comforts of a house also. People prefer learning the language at one’s place because:

Learn English Speaking from home1. No undue pressures: there are no constraints of time, cost, traveling etc. if we are learning from our place. This makes the whole process easy and enjoyable.

2. Process is convenient: The whole learning process is much more convenient as the student does not have to travel to the institute to get the lessons.

3. More enjoyable: By using different techniques and play way methods the students tend to enjoy the whole learning process.

4. Best possible utilization of time: since the individual engages in some productive activity in the free time, this helps in the best possible utilization of time that would have otherwise gone idle.

There are various ways in which an individual can get a command over the language at home itself:

1. Start thinking in English: The individual should start thinking in English. Instead of translating the dialogues from Hindi to English the person should start thinking in the same language as would reduce the period of assimilation of thoughts in brain.

2. Practice before a mirror: the person should practice the lessons before the mirror that will help in concentrating the facial expressions and the body language while speaking.

3. Try to focus on fluency: The speaker should try to focus more on fluency of the speech as will go a long way in overcoming hesitation. The grammar portion can be dealt later on. The major focus should be to bring a flow or fluency in the language.

4. Record, listen and repeat: The speaker should record all his speech and listen to it repeatedly so as to review and correct the mistakes in the future. This way through screening of speech improvements can be done in the pronunciation and accent.

5. Try to include some tongue twisters in the practice: the speaker should include some tongue twisters in the language that will help in gaining fluency over the words.

6. Listen to English songs: The speaker should try to listen to English songs, news, speeches etc. as will help in understanding the right accent and pronunciation of the words.

7. Understand stresses on sounds of words: The speaker should understand the stresses on different sounds of words as it gives all together different meaning to the words.

8. Try taking on a customer care hotline: The best way to learn English speaking is to frequently engage in conversation with different customer care hotlines as would provide a good partner to interact with.
Along with these techniques a combination of the right and positive support from a well known English speaking classes like WizMantra, can bring about wonderful results. We at WizMantra provide right approach of learning for the student so that he can fully utilize his learning potential and develop a remarkable fluency in the speaking part.

  • WizMantra provides the perfect trainers that understand the level of the students and follow the appropriate approach so as to get the desired results.
  • The study material and the teaching methodologies are one of the best in the market.
  • The flexible timings approach gives the student a stress free environment to study.
  • One trainer one student approach helps in giving personalized attention to the student.
  • The trainers focus on polished speaking skills thereby working on the vocabulary and pronunciation of the words too.
  • Along with speaking stress is also given on listening and the understanding part too.
  • Daily words-list provides a good opportunity to the students to develop their vocabulary base.

Thus by providing the right methodologies, open and stress free environment, well planned practice sessions, experienced trainers, flexible timings WizMantra is playing a positive role in helping a number of students in overcoming the hesitation and weakness in the language speaking thereby giving them an added advantage in their respective fields in life.

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