English For Corporate

Advance English Classes

This course is specially designed for those individuals who want to learn higher level of English conversation spoken skills. These are suitable for the trainees who have good grammatical base but wants to polish their speaking skills to emerge as a public speaking figure.

This course works on the advanced vocabulary of the trainees, the speaking style, accent of the language and improves upon the presentation skills of the trainees.

It includes making trainees aware of the role plays being initiated at the corporate levels. Various role plays covering the corporate levels situations are enacted jointly by the trainer and the trainee that makes the trainee aware of the ways to handle the conversations at the corporate levels.

It also covers usage of various advanced vocabulary and their usage in the daily conversation. The trainer also includes various idioms and phrases used in the daily conversation.

The course also included discussion on various current affairs. This exercise helps in improving the trainees analytical bent of mind and the ways he present his views on any topic or statement.

The trainers also sometimes discuss some case studies and try to evaluate how the trainees see a real life situation and place his judgment before the others.

Thus these various exercises actually help in creating good public speakers with good conversation and presentation styles.

We have designed this module for English learners who have good hold on Grammar and who can expresses their basis skills in English. Objective behind course is to take novice speaker to a profound level of communicator.

Reasons to Enroll for our Advance Level of English Communication

  • Who Want to transform themselves into effective communicator
  • Who want to grow their effective presentation skills
  • Who want to Learn advanced workplace vocabulary
  • Who want to be a successful writer


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